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Dr. Sabrina Brennan

Dr Sabina Brennan

Dr Sabina Brennan is the author of the best-selling ‘100 Days to a Younger Brain’, a practical guide to what you can do to keep your brain in good shape.

Sabina, a Dublin-based research psychologist and neuroscientist, attended university for the first time when she was 42 years of age. She emerged six years later with a degree in psychology, a PhD and, as she says herself ‘a passion for brain health’.

On graduating, she immediately got involved in research projects relating to dementia.

Her book, which became a number one best seller, explains how the human brain works and what you can do to keep it healthy.

The resident brain-health expert on RTE’s The Today Show with Maura and Daithí, Sabina is on a mission to spread the word about how people can optimise their everyday brain performance and hold onto important functions like memory into old age.

Sabina was inspired to write the book by her exposure to ground-breaking brain research—and an awareness that while scientists were sharing the research at conferences and in journals, it was not easily accessible to the general public.

“We talk about physical health and we talk about mental health. We even talk about dental health and heart health. It just seemed crazy to me that no one was talking about brain health,” she says.

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